Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects does Gibson Design Group specialize in?

We work on all types of residential interior design projects and smaller commercial design projects. Our residential design work includes redecoration (of one room or an entire house), remodeling (including kitchens and baths), and new construction. With new construction, we work with your architect and general contractor as a team.

For commercial design projects, we specialize in professional offices and small medical practices.

Does Gibson Design Group have a certain “look” or design aesthetic?

There are some objective aspects of design and interior architecture -- scale and proportion, function, ADA compliance. However, style can be very subjective. Unlike many designers who you go to for a certain “look”, we believe that the style should reflect your tastes. You will typically see, however, Gibson Design Group projects have relatively clean lines and are not overly "fussy" or "done."

I have existing furniture that I want to keep. Will you help me incorporate that?

Of course! In many cases, you are used to looking at the furniture you have and there may be ways that certain pieces can be reimagined to work better for you. This can be as simple as moving something to better fit in another room or reupholstering or painting a piece to better work with your new aesthetic.

Where do you find the furniture that you select?

One great part of working with a professional interior designer is the whole world of furniture manufacturers that you would not know about and need a spirit guide (us) to help you navigate. Additionally, Gibson Design Group provides most items at 20% off of retail so you get a discount in working with us. 

How do your fees work?

Gibson Design Group always works on a flat fee based on the scope of your project for our design services. We have worked this way for the last 20 years and our clients are always very happy to know exactly what their financial outlay will be from the get go! You don’t have to worry about cringing every time you open your monthly bill regarding the number of hours nor feel like you’re watching the clock!

What geographical areas does Gibson Design Group serve?

While our interior design firm is based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, our projects are national. Recent projects have ranged from Scarsdale, New York to Washington, DC to Seattle, Washington (and a few places in between). Contact us and we can discuss whether it makes most sense to work with a local designer or whether we might be a good fit!

Do you have more questions that we did not answer here? Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to walk you through any parts of working with our firm!

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