Residential Interior Design

At Gibson Design Group, we work closely with our clients and the members of their remodeling team on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces in their residence.

We provide all interior drawings and elevations, create space plans, assist with architectural edits, and provide all finish schedules.

Our time on your project does not end with the design, but we work with you throughout the project until completion.

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Design That Suits The Way You Live.

Your Gibson Design Group designer can assist you with updating your furnishings, art, accessories, paint, moldings, and window treatments.  Redecoration can range from one room to an entire house.

As a professional, full-service interior design firm, we have access to many furniture lines, antiques, fabric, and art that are only available to the trade.  Whether we assist you in reupholstering your current soft pieces or in adding to your antique collection, Gibson Design Group provides a professional, educated approach to designing or redesigning your space.

Sustainable Materials

  • The average American spends 90% of his/her day indoors.
  • The average indoor air is 10 times more polluted than outdoor air.
  • Building accounts for 40% of the raw materials used globally.
  • Building contributes to 50% of greenhouse gas and 50% of the agents of acid rain.

Our firm understands our clients’ desires to use sustainable products in their interiors.  Additionally, the tight construction used in today’s building is great for energy efficiency, but consequently, it does not allow many biological impurities to escape.  It is becoming increasingly important to use no-VOC (variable organic compound) paints and to use fabrics, carpets, and wood stains with limited off-gassing.

Gibson Design Group is always researching sustainable and green interior design products to better assist our clients.  Our goal is to let our clients know that these options exist and to be as educated as possible about the pros and cons of sustainable and green product choices.

Universal Design

Universal design makes a home safe and comfortable for everyone, young and old, whether they have a disability or not.  It’s making a home for all ages.  This way of approaching design is becoming increasingly important whether it be when you’re building your dream home or a home for resale in a few years.

Gibson Design Group designers are all educated on ADA codes, safety measures, and other universal design techniques that can make your home comfortable for all.  Examples of universal design that we implement frequently for our clients are:

  • 3’-0” doorways
  • Blocking behind the drywall for future grab bar installation
  • Space planning for a future elevator by lining up closets on each level for an eventual elevator shaft
  • Providing appropriate turning radiuses in kitchen design

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