Hosting a Baby Shower Tea - Theme Ideas

July 3, 2018

Hosting a Baby Shower Tea

Recently my daughter, Alexandra, and I hosted a baby shower tea for a first-time mother.  She had worked at the National Zoo so of course, the theme was zoo animals.  We found the cutest cookies on Etsy done by Lucy Berry.  Her sister-in-law bought them and they went into a favor bag.

A shower should be a festive and a rather elegant affair so we brought out the silver platters and silver teapot along with glass plates and china teacups.  Since it was a tea, I made cucumber, tomato and smoked salmon mousse sandwiches.  I also did small BLTs and chive biscuits with ham and mascarpone and pepper jam spread.  There were deviled eggs too.

In addition to the savory goodies, we had a lemon pound cake, macaroons, ginger shortbread cookies and a Victorian strawberry sandwich cake.  We had a variety of teas with milk and lemon available, a tea punch, white and rose wine and sparkling water.  There was plenty to enjoy and very few leftovers!

The sister of the mother-to-be planned some fun games including guessing the name of the songs with baby in the title, matching the adult and the name of the animal baby (did you know that a baby monkey is called an infant?) and the circumference of the tummy of the new mom.

The gifts were plentiful and both adorable and functional.  Altogether it was a really nice afternoon full of joy and love.

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